Hey there fans! We are currently looking for help funding large storage upgrades, if you want to help us serve more data see our donation options (crypto, etc) Thanks for reading, happy downloading!

Supporting The-Eye Financially


The-Eye accepts donations to help cover the costs associated with running the site.

As of late 2020 we're seeing 300 million+ requests amounting to over 1000TB+ of content served to millions of unique visitors each month and pay $650/month to cover our base operating costs (servers, bandwidth, etc.)

We vow to never run ads or other shady monetization methods so without your contributions we simply wouldn't be here. The-Eye is both for and funded by you, thank you for supporting us.

You can donate directly using crypto or if you'd prefer another method you can join our Discord Community and ask our staff for further information.

Bitcoin: 15x9WCe5Dy2mNhjst3fhbqNLGnSSagB6Cj
Ethereum: 0x57028f76e4568eeed0a3274a29badc32888c521f

All confirmed donors get access to an exclusive lounge in our discord community, access to our sister sites and other perks based on contribution (see discord channel #donate for details)

Alternatively you can also buy an awesome shirt, hoodie, poster, mug or other merch to rep The-Eye IRL! All proceeds go directly to supporting The-Eye and also count towards donor roles in our discord. Visit the store at 56k.pizza.