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Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I download in bulk?

The easiest way is to use wget, you can find a guide for using wget for Windows users here, and a guide for Linux users here.

The command that will usually work for downloading files is:
wget -m -np -c -U "faq" -w 2 -R "index.html*" "<your url here>"

Wget can be installed from most distribution repos and the windows binary can be found here

Other helpful software to use includes jDownloader, DownThemAll, and GNU Parallel

I want to help, what can I do?

The best way to help us is by spreading the word, tell your friends we exist, link to our data in relevant locations or by making a donation, every little helps.

You can also join our Discord and take part in our awesome community, if you wish. :)

Why do you run this?

As put by Archive Team, technology is business, and in business, money often takes priority over ethics. With the law perpetually lagging behind technology and business, there is often nothing between you and getting screwed over besides your own volition.

Living without the knowledge of our past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. Corporations do not contemplate their own inevitable end. At least, they don’t do it in public, unless they are in really bad shape. When times are good, those thoughts are pushed away, and end users are encouraged to do the same. When times are bad, they tend to go very bad, very quickly - if you’re lucky, you’ll have an announcement. Your data is never totally safe. Backing up your data is always necessary, even if it’s stored elsewhere.

The Internet is a worldwide platform for sharing information. It is a community of common interests.

Our mission at The Eye is to preserve pieces of digital history. We are digital librarians.

Is removed content still available?

Yes, even if content is removed from our website we can still get the data to you. If you would like to request deleted data, join our Discord and message a helper.

We require that you give us an endpoint to push data to. These include Google Drive, Dropbox, SSH and FTP/SFTP

Please note that we can not retrieve or distribute data that has been deleted due to a legal request.

I believe you have infringed upon my content.

Please visit our DMCA page for further information.